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So this isn't really a help question but more of a curiosity question...

So in the mission Temporal Ambassador, Tasha Yar is still alive in the alternate timeline. However, she mentions to my character that she knew she wasn't supposed to be alive then and that she died in the TNG timeline.

So my question is: how did she know she wasn't supposed to be alive in the alternate timeline? Since history changed there would be no written report or history of the event.

Sorry I'm bored at work and I kind of thought of this question and wanted to see what you guys would say about it. Maybe I missed something in the mission text.
The Tasha Yar in Temporal Ambassador is the one from Yesterday's Enterprise, just with a bit of a detour between sending the Enterprise-C back through the anomaly and it getting to where it needs to be. Guinan tells Tasha her fate during the episode.