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03-29-2013, 10:19 AM
Switched some things up last night.

Swithced to VR doffs that reduce cooldown for attack pattern x 3
brace for impact shield distribution x 2

lt comm tac: bo1, bfaw2, apo1
lt tac: tt1, tt2 (too lazy to retrain stuff to get to tt1 x2 and bo2 - may do this tonight)

beam combainatoins tried so far:

fore: romulan experimental ba, romulan hyper plasma torp, plasma ba, romulan plasma ba
aft: plasma ba x 2, romulan plasma ba, borg cutting beam

fore: romulan experimental ba, romulan hyper plasma torp, spiral wave x 2
aft: spiral wave, polarized disruptor x 2, borg cutting beam

maco deflector, maco shield, jem hadar engine (allows for 125/100 on weapons power)

using tool tips the above combinations on dps for each weapon with associated consoles

romulan experimental ba (910 with plasma consoles - 750-800 without)
plasma ba 910
romulan plasma ba 905
polarized disruptor 850
spiral wave 880

I did try the cannon build out. With the current build and substituting cannon scatter volley, I noticed tha it was much harder to keep all weapons firing than if i went with beam arrays.

I am critting with the beam arrays from 900-3600 with my tac powers so the damage potential did not seem too different between the two setups.

I plan on experimenting some more with this. I am used to using an escort and would like to get some more DPS out of this thing before finalizing a setup or two for use.

Thanks for the input