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03-29-2013, 10:35 AM
Originally Posted by redcardinali View Post
Without wanting to get into the debate as to what might (or might not) improve cruisers, I have to question the initial poster's premise -

"With the introduction of increasing numbers of heavy carrier vessels..."

Really, where are all these carrier vessels? I ask this because in my experience I don't see them being played. Yes, you do see the occasional one, but Id say that in the Federation faction at least, they're pretty rare. :-)
Well, there are a lot more carrier vessels out there now than there have been since the beginning of the last year, both in terms of overall number and type.

The point of concern that I have is that a lot of carriers have similar characteristics and capabilities as Federation cruisers while being able to do more. At this rate, I feel that cruisers are going to be in a position where the entire type becomes more or less pointless because there are ships out there that do everything they do and more.