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03-29-2013, 10:42 AM
You can't buy EC directly, as in "$5 for 5Million EC" packs. But there are several Zen items that can be sold on the exchange that facilitate this purpose.

Fleet Ship Modules=$5=500 Zen~ 5million EC
Master Keys=$1=125 Zen ~ 1.5 Million EC

Granted that the EC market prices will fluctuate as the supply and demand shifts. Also note that because of the Dil/Zen exchange, you DO NOT need to have real life money to pull this off.

Dil->Zen->Master Key-> EC

Some people have reversed this somewhat

Contraband of EC exchange-> Doff Mission-> Dilithium->Zen

So it is possible to shift all the currencies from one to the other. Dilithium is just the middle man.