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I don't believe you're looking at the damages in the combat log correctly. You have to look at shield damage and non shield damage as below.

Brigadier General G'vorkk's Disruptor Array dealt 184 (272) shield damage to you.
Brigadier General G'vorkk deals 30 (533) Disruptor Damage to you with Disruptor Array.

The 1st line is shield damage. The 2nd line is hull damage. If you had no shield you'd only see the 2nd line. Easily confirmed by doing a mission that has those fields that removes your shield.

So looking at this you have to get the max hit value. In this case it's (533) before factoring in anything. Since I was using a regen shield I have 10% bleed thru. So hull damage should be 53.3 before factoring in resists. My resistance for disruptors on my paperdoll is 43.2%. So math is

53.3*.568=30.27 hull damage I should receive. Damage received to hull was 30 actual. Perfect.

Next we look at shield damage before resist etc. Damage should be 90% of 533 as 10% went to your hull.

533*.9=479.7 (call it 480 shield damage before resists etc)

Now you'd think the log would show (480) in line 1. Instead it shows (272). And or it would show (533) as line 2 did. But it doesn't show it this way.

Here's an example of me having shield power at 50 and no EPTS etc. Ignore the hull actual damage as I removed some resist consoles. FYI tried this with the resist consoles and had same results for shield damage. Which is how it should be.

Klingon Cruiser 3 K't'inga TOS's Disruptor Array dealt 300 (268) shield damage to you.
Klingon Cruiser 3 K't'inga TOS deals 30 (524)

300/524=57.252% damage received
damage resisted=42.748%

The following test is the same conditions except shield power is at 98.

Klingon Raider 5 Haj's Disruptor Array dealt 277 (330) shield damage to you.
Klingon Raider 5 Haj deals 37 (531) Disruptor Damage to you with Disruptor Array.

So raising shield power increased the () on line 1. It also lowered the actual damage to shields. Damage resisted was.

277/531=52.166% damage received
damage resisted=47.834%

So increasing shield power from 50 to 98 increased my resistance by a bit over 5%.

Now i'll try using EPTS which gets me another 30% resist.

Klingon Cruiser 3 D7's Disruptor Array dealt 164 (311) shield damage to you.
Klingon Cruiser 3 D7 deals 35 (500) Disruptor Damage to you with Disruptor Array.

164/500=32.8% damage received
damage resisted=67.2%

Not really seeing a problem here. Seems to be fine.

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