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So, the other day I (regrettably) put up some MACO MkX requisition projects, and, they aren't as good as I first imagined, I suppose MkXI will be better. So, what I thought about was- when I unlock tier 3 Omega/New Romulus (when MkXI requisitions become available)
I get special projects like: 'Upgrade MACO Battle Armour' where it is like requisitioning a MkXI Variant of said armour, but cheaper, however, I need to put in 1 MACO MkX armour, about 300 Omega marks, 4500-5000 dilithium, 26000 Expertise, and 150 Generators. You could do the same for any gear item, so how 'bout it cryptic?

(I couldn't see a 'suggestions' subforum, move to appropriate place if I put it in wrong section)