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03-29-2013, 01:15 PM
Well I dont know if you can accept a few from one person but.... here is two I am thinking of....

1: Are we getting the "Raptor Gorn" Costume? That new J.J. Abrams one?

1.2: Can we expect more KDF Costumes than just spikes of death and bloody intentions?

2: Do we go on Redshirt For Testing or Tribble?

3: How did this "come to be" so to speak? As in how did you complete Romulans AND Finish off the KDF Faction which you said you'd finish before Romulans? Also, what shall we expect for the Empire?

4: What fills the KDF 1-20 Gap?

4.2: Any KDF ships possible comming up after not getting any (Z-Store) Since Last May?

4.3: Any chance of More KDF Social Maps?

4.4: Any Chance of New KDF Races?

4.5: Are there new KDF Missions?

4.6: Is there a New KDF Tutorial?

5: Is Warp Core For Everyone or Just Romulans?

6: Are Romulans Complete or Half?

6.2: Are KDF Complete or Still Half or 3/4?

7. (Personal) Do you mind these questions?

8. When shall we expect this to air?

9. What are the new skill things like?

10. How is the new Rep like?

Thank you for your time!
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