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03-29-2013, 12:53 PM
Originally Posted by wraithshadow13 View Post
I'm sorry but i really don't mean to come off as mean here but i honestly can't take you seriously any more, that's too funny.

I already have two KDF, and frankly i'm not seeing all the problems this would cause. Wouldn't the KDF benefit from this change as well? Did i not say that the KDF should have better cloaks than the standard cloak? What exactly are you so upset about here? I never said the klingons aren't supposed to have cloaks, i never said the Romulans aren't supposed, i said the basic cloak needs to be an at will. I never said only for the Feds, Battle cloak as it is should be the standard simply because i should be able to activate it when ever i please, regardless of red alert or faction or any thing else, because that's how it works in star trek.

By resorting to name calling and misquoting, you're really just invalidating any thing you say from here on out. Did the Federation steal your ability to debate as well?
I can debate if I want, but this subject (and pretty much everything else Federation players bring up) is a dead horse that's been beaten for years. At this point I just satiate my annoyance by flinging mud at the Federation faction. It's nothing too personal, I'm just tired of the imbalance and preferential treatment.