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# 1 Help! Husband can't login.
03-29-2013, 01:23 PM
Well my husband downloaded the game from Steam he's had a cryptic account for some time now. It naturally told him to change his account to PWE by linking his account. So he went to the system and did that. No luck. Could not login, the thing acted like it was stuck in a feedback loop asking him over and over to do that.

So he did twice more. Still no luck.

Basically he cannot login because every time he tries to from the steam version the game shuts him out opens the window to link his cryptic account with the PWE system 100% of the time.

Is the code for the steam download different then the standard direct download preventing him from logging in or something?

It's been easily a month since he sent a ticket in to support and no one's replied to it.
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