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*Deltana IV, The Badlands. R.S.S. Matthew Neilson is planetside conducting heavy repairs.

10km from the ship, ATEV Scouting Party Delta 4. The team consists of 5 Officers using an ATEV and 2 HVRVs (High Velocity Reconnaissance Vehicle. Single-person, small, nimble short-range recon vehicle utilising anti-grav and impulse drives (similar to the Speeder Bikes from Star Wars, only... okay, they're the speeder bikes from Star Wars, just with a different look). Armed with twin light Zero-Point Cannons, with a light shield generator). The team is armed with Phaser Rifles (assault rifles, with one member using a sniper).

The area they are scouting is covered by lush green grasslands and rolling hills.

50km from the ship, Recon 9. Recon 9 is the callsign of a lone HVRV scouting another area North of ATEV Delta 4. The rider steps off the HVRV and a Recon Exo-comp lifts out of a compartment at the back. The rider takes out a pair of binoculars and looks through them.*

Rider: You see that, R9?

*The Exo-comp lets out a few beeps in response. The rider glances at the translator screen on his bike before looking back to the binoculars.*


Better call it in.

*R.S.S. Matthew Neilson. The area around the ship is busy as Engineering crews are moving around setting up equipment posts as the teams work on the hull and ATEV Parties and lone HVRVs head out and come in with reports. Matt's standing by a make-shift Command Post with the Senior Staff.*

Matt *to Tactical and Security Officer*: Lieutenant, can you reconfigure the ZPCs to act as turrets? I don't want to be caught off-guard if the Orions follow us down here.

Tac: Sorry, sir. The Cannons are recessed - they can only fire in one direction. What I can do is take the spare emitters and turn them into make-shift turrets and put them on the hull.

Matt: Do it.

*The Tac leaves and Matt turns his attention to Lieutenant Delvan (Chief Engineer).*

Lieutenant, how are the Shields?

Delvan: I'm still repairing them. It's going to take a while.

Matt: Do what you can.

Random Ensign: Sir, you better come see this!

*Matt and Will walk over to the Ensign, who's looking at a screen with the rider from Recon 9.*

Rider: Sir, we've got a situation here.

*Recon 9's position. The rider turns toward where he was looking previously and the Exo-comp turns to that area also.*

R9, magnification factor 10.

*Command Post. The screen now shows one of the new Orion Frigates, and hundreds of Orion troops around it.*

Matt: An Orion Frigate.

Will: Here we go.

Matt: Get ready to prepare for an assault. Recon 9, get back here.

Rider: Copy.

*The channel closes.*
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