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03-29-2013, 03:07 PM
*OOC: Hey folks. Had a busy last couple of days and that isn't going to change much. signed up for 11 hours worth of summer courses and now I have to deal with financial aid department *shudders* I hate those morons. And no I wasn't pissed.. Just wondering about that. Should push the Klingon arc further for build up... *

*Wax and the Champion grapple they have been at it for an hour both are tired and weary... But both know they are Klingon.. Not cowards.. Wax shoves him off and delivers several slashes to him... While getting one as well.

The crowd roars with cheers *

*In the box the Imperial leaders are watching intently.. but the air is ripe of conversation and hidden schemes.*

Savatec: Councillor Zaferak what do you think of the odds of their survival..

Zaferak: The Federation dog survives longer than I thought...

Savatec: He is a son of the House of Bat'rak and of Kah it is expected I think... Markon however... should be interesting...

Emperor: Both of these men are not to be tarried with... See that they are sold together at a lump sum to a purveyor of the games.

*OOC: If you wish to jump in on this either of you go ahead.*