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Now when i heard that you had to choose a side of the war i was pissed that you couldn't change your choice. That does not seem very Romulan to me. If i recall it seemed that the Romulans were changing sides all the time in the tv shows. so this is what i propose as a system for the game.

Each Romulan character would have faction points based on actions in the game. The more they worked for the Federation they would get Fed points. The more they work for the KDF they would get KDF point.

Lets say for instance to join the FEDs you need 1000 Fed faction points. So you would go out and battle in areas of the game be it PVP or STFs or whatever. You would get point towards that. and you would be able to join the feds.

Now Lets say you one day want to change faction for whatever reason. you would have an option to drop your status as a Fed allied captain. but you would still have the faction points. As you would do things for the KDF you would get points, but before you would add to your pool of points for KDF it would take away points from your FED faction point pool.

So for example :
Your captian has 1000 Fed points.

You drop faction and go do a KDF mission that gives you 10 KDF points.

Your captain would then have 990 Fed points. you would have to do this untill you reache 0 Fed points Then you could start making Kdf points.
so once you join a faction it would take double the points to switch sides.
But hey that would make it to easy to switch sides some will say. So to balance it every time you switch sides the amount of points you need to get in order to join a faction will increase.

For instance:
The cost to join Feds is 1000

You drop the FED faction and make KDF points 1000 to remove the points you already have in your FED pool. Then you make 1000 KDF points for a total of 2000 to switch to KDF.

Now lets say you want to go back to the Fed side. The fed point requirement would raise to say 2000.

You would then have to negate your KDF points and then raise 2000 FED points to join back with the Feds.
Cryptic could then offer a C-store item to lower the penalty for switching sides.

Everybody wins.