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You are missing one important difference. BFaW is intended to be used with beam arrays and beam arrays are the tipical weapon of cruisers. Cruisers are not attack ships but support ones and BFaW is very good to hit pets, torpedo and mines all over around the cruiser in a 10Km radius with no need to target the object... a good defensive ability . Moreover a cruiser can use it to get the agro and protect the others ships from being attacked.

CVS is intended to be used with cannons, the tipical weapon of an attack ship. CSV is not intended as a defensive ability but an attack one... a massive attack to multiple target in front of you...

the difference between BFaW and CSV is the same difference between cruisers and escorts: 2 abilities 2 roles <-> 2 ships 2 role

If you think that BFaW and CSV have the same role, you do not have undestrand much a
While Beam Fire at Will will allow cruisers to attack stuff without even targeting it, it will likely end up missing pets, torpedoes, and mines or otherwise fail to neutralize them in the same way that a properly handled Scatter Volley could. It doesn't target everything so much as it targets anything, and the odd thing is that Scatter Volley is much better in that respect because it is much easier to prioritize targets with it.

Also, there's nothing that says that a cruiser can't have scatter volley, in which case the point about it being a "defensive ability" better suited for escorts is moot. When combined with DEM and cannon/turret (or even just turrets), CSV is far better at neutralizing pet and projectile spam than Beam Fire At Will, especially since it won't have to rely on Nadion Inversion to keep damage from dropping into the crapper.

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