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Heh...the fact that my KDF toon wanted to totally flout the Nausicaan stereotype and STO's missions wouldn't allow it was a big reason I quit playing the KDF side.

Imagine General Chang in Nausicaan form and you have a fairly good idea of what Krantak was intended to be like--very intelligent, well-spoken, strict, and highly controlled. Likely a speaker of three languages minimum. Pretty much everything you would NOT expect from a Nausicaan. Then again, perhaps someday I could write an LC entry showing what one of those Instigate Defection DOFF assignments would be like, since his disgust was so clear to me that I even saw him in a dream of mine, faced with the understanding that honor as HE saw it was not possible in Klingon-controlled space, and only with a minority of his own people, as well...

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