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03-29-2013, 08:13 PM
Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
They're already anti-proton weapons already, with a unique extra proc. We don't need whole ships decked out in these weapons. That's why it only comes in a DBB for the set, it's meant to be a unique item.

Besides, it's annoying enough to be called a 'rainbow boater' just because people see the pretty DBB coming out of your ship. Don't need to deal with being called it more.
besides the Cron. DBB I'm already decked out in the Fleet Adv. Anti-proton options. so it's not a major loss, and I'm happy with the damage output. as for being called a rainbow boater, it's a bloody game, there are going to be immature people saying hurtful things. I haven't looked at Zone chat even in a PvP match since beta.

Originally Posted by mandoknight89 View Post
The Galor class is the only lockbox/Lobi ship with dilithium store weapons, and only beam arrays are unlocked, not an entire set. The Jem'Hadar carriers unlock pets, not weapons, and those are only about on par with the existing equivalents (such as Advanced BoPs and Peregrines).
there is a good amount of forlorn being directed at the above comments, simply asking for some Dt. store love isn't as harmful as it would seem. not asking for uber powered Mk XII very rare or even very rare ∞ like that of the Chon. DBB.

that is all. hoping for a dev reply, but as I know with the may update being worked up, I'm most likely SOL  1340247645
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