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03-29-2013, 08:16 PM
Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
I found that equipping 2 Mk XI Purple flow regulators when overcapping could boost beam damage by a fair margin...

(Starting power 123, 6 beams arrays, 5 cycles under each set of conditions)

Base (no EPS consoles, no buffs) 1668
EPtW1 (No consoles) 1824
EPtW1 (1 console) 1943
EPtW1 (2 consoles) 2185
EPS (No consoles) 1979
EPS (1 console) 2233
EPS (2 consoles) 2419
EPS+EPtW1 (No consoles) 2190
EPS+EPtW (1 console) 2458
EPS+EPtW (2 consoles) 2892
I haven't tested flow regulators, as they are reputed to only help with transfering from one power setting to another and with power recovery from Beam Overload. At some point I will look into it.

The numbers you listed. Where are they from (e.g. tooltip, floating numbers)? I am not being snarky. When I ran my tests with ACT, I used the average damage, as it is per beam array. From my tests the minimum hit was 1 and the maximum hit was 1652. I find that the average damage to be a truer representation of performance.