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Originally Posted by scbypwr View Post
Switched some things up last night.

Swithced to VR doffs that reduce cooldown for attack pattern x 3
brace for impact shield distribution x 2

lt comm tac: bo1, bfaw2, apo1
lt tac: tt1, tt2 (too lazy to retrain stuff to get to tt1 x2 and bo2 - may do this tonight)

beam combainatoins tried so far:

fore: romulan experimental ba, romulan hyper plasma torp, plasma ba, romulan plasma ba
aft: plasma ba x 2, romulan plasma ba, borg cutting beam

fore: romulan experimental ba, romulan hyper plasma torp, spiral wave x 2
aft: spiral wave, polarized disruptor x 2, borg cutting beam

maco deflector, maco shield, jem hadar engine (allows for 125/100 on weapons power)

using tool tips the above combinations on dps for each weapon with associated consoles

romulan experimental ba (910 with plasma consoles - 750-800 without)
plasma ba 910
romulan plasma ba 905
polarized disruptor 850
spiral wave 880

I did try the cannon build out. With the current build and substituting cannon scatter volley, I noticed tha it was much harder to keep all weapons firing than if i went with beam arrays.

I am critting with the beam arrays from 900-3600 with my tac powers so the damage potential did not seem too different between the two setups.

I plan on experimenting some more with this. I am used to using an escort and would like to get some more DPS out of this thing before finalizing a setup or two for use.

Thanks for the input

Hmm, interesting.

By 'harder to keep all weapons firing when using cannons over BAs', do you mean...That your weapon power drained a lot faster and harder, or that you had a harder time keeping them facing your enemy to shoot everything?

Because for the turn-rate issue, as a tac, keep in mind that Attack Pattern alpha does greatly boost your turn rate, so using that can get any weapons that you need to into firing range easily.

Also, for ANY ship, throw it into reverse. That alone can be a tremendous help. Because if you throw it into reverse, you aren't gonna go in a huge circle around your target to face them, instead you'll be going backwards, and thus turning around much more effectively to face something however you want to.

When you were using the cannons, were you staying 5 km or further away from your target? Because that might've been partially why your damage could've been low if it was low of course.

Also, single cannons and CSV don't always mix well. Single cannons don't have a lot of 'oomph' by themselves, so trying to spread their DPS over several targets usually won't work as well. You have to focus fire with them more.

So CRF is a better option generally. I tried it once with my Galor with CSV 1 and TS 3, and I could almost never get the torps to hit hull without help. Compared to my D'kora with CSV 1 and TS 3 and using DHCs on it, it almost always gets hull hits with the torps.

I'm not saying avoid AoE with single cannons, just that they don't tend to do as well compared to DHCs and such.

Now, have you thought about a dual beam bank up front for BO 2? Because using a DBB can offer a lot more 'punch' for your BO.

Think about this:

Experimental BA - Plasma Hyperflux something. Then a DBB of your choice (especially with lots of CrtH and/or CrtD), with a BO 2. It could be pretty brutal, especially if you have tac-buffed both of those.
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