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03-29-2013, 08:39 PM
Even so, the fact that the DBB of the set can proc a turn rate and speed debuff is quite significant already. Think about whole ships, whole TEAMS with these weapons debuffing things all the time like that. Especially if they were equippable on other ships. I mean a Bug running 4 DHCs and 3 turrets of these could potentially shut down something because of it.

I have no problem with your request, OP, just pointing out that the Chroniton DBB already has quite a few interesting perks by itself, including a potent and unique proc that only Chroniton torps and mines can otherwise get.

I know you aren't asking for 'uber', but honestly, we really don't need more Chroniton-energy weapons.

BUT...If these were just a color thing. Like no extra proc on em, and they had the pretty colors that the normal DBB had, just good enough stats, that would be fine. Changing colors I have no problem with, much like the Andorian phasers. But the extra proc...that just feels like a bit much.

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