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03-29-2013, 09:14 PM
Balance Design: damage mitigation
Issue: Adding immunity to Suppressing Fire on Battle Strategies means that tacs will be doing full damage much more of the time (indefinitely, with 3 tacs chaining tac init at the right interval). The problem with this is that this provides a huge indirect buff to the already dominant "damage" side of the damage-control-tank triangle of ground pvp.

Suggestions: adjust the other proactive damage mitigation sources in the game to be more effective, to compensate for the lost damage mitigation from Suppressing Fire. Boost the quantity of damage reduction granted by Weapon Malfunction, and lower the cooldown of Dampening Field, so that it can be used as a targeted debuff against decloaking tacs going for a oneshot kill.

Notes: BatStrats should, indeed, clear Suppressing Fire, according to its tooltip (clears tactical debuffs). Furthermore, it doesn't seem right that tacs should be the primary source of both damage AND damage mitigation, in the game. So, in general, I think that the change mentioned on the Redshirt patchnotes is good. It does, however, have huge balance ramifications. For the past eight months or so, Suppressing Fire has been the main source of damage mitigation in STO ground pvp. This fix has major consequences and may require balance changes to compensate for them.