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03-29-2013, 11:29 PM
I'd prefer to have it entirely be a Romulan side, and not go with either of the other two.

But that said, KDF for all of em for me. Because regardless of anything else, the KDF HAVE allied more than the Federation has. I mean, from the Romulan POV, the Federation is still one of their longest standing enemies, even before it was the Federation the Romulan Star Empire sought United Earth's/Coalition of Planet's downfall.

Besides, where was the Federation when Romulus and Remus was destroyed? Dealing with themselves, arguing about what to do. As much as I don't like Star Trek 09, at least Nero had the right mind to DO something.

On top of that, the Federation is still too wary of the Romulans, but so is the the KDF. But the KDF are much easier to infiltrate and take care of from the inside.

Plus, the KDF, unlike the Federation has, and uses cloaking technology and such. Including possible things they might've discovered that the Federation doesn't know.

(Though again, I'd prefer neither option)
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