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03-30-2013, 12:09 AM
Originally Posted by frtoaster View Post
I'm asking if you have tested the difference on Tribble and Holodeck with no humans equipped. My suspicion is that no change has been made to the skill "Starship Hull Repair" or to SIF generators. Because the hull repair bonus granted by leadership has been reduced, the benefit they gain from "Starship Hull Repair" is correspondingly reduced. However, the effect of "Starship Hull Repair" without humans may remain unchanged.
Well, hard to test the actual numbers. But without these boffs, even with +200 in SIF i didn't notice anything great about my passive regen. Actually +100 vs +200 felt like being same. But I had to log off and wanted to continue today....tribble down zzzZZzz.

Also, my captain is human, so I always have one leadership bonus on me thus it's hard for me to get "clean" results. I have always tested it maxed, because without dedicated stuff I would not bother with natural regen at all.