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03-30-2013, 02:10 AM
Originally Posted by tazurensavulen View Post
Okay, seriously, who is changing the Theoretical Modelling III to Practice Tactical Exercises IV?! Stop it! We are working on Sci right now! NOT MILITARY! We are ~8k away from T4 Sci, SO DON'T CHANGE IT!
I did, and i will continue to do so, why?
No reason to block Slot 1 for another 5-7 Days (thats the time it usually takes to fill the medicals) so i squeezed a military project in (no dilithium cost and it's the only project currently taking military doffs, and that project is usually filled within two days) .

Why no Engineering?
The 1 k Engineering Project is fine as it is, no reason to slow it down because of a 500 point project. (I could slot Requisiton personal Equipment, but that project has a 80k Dilithium pricetag)
So unless some wizard pulls out a gross of medicals i will continue to try to slot as effectively as possible.

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