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03-30-2013, 01:15 AM
I see this many have been brought up already but I put this up on another thread and thought it would fit better here:

Originally Posted by magniacapra View Post
- Beam arrays need to drain way less energy than current, and have higher proc chances to make up for reduced hit chance. - Right now, cannons both do more damage than beams and proc more often. FAW and subsystem targeting is the only reason to run arrays at current.

- DEM needs a massive boost to bleed through damage, it should also become a beam weapon only effect. No real use for it besides the doff skill

- The amount human doffs reduce subsystem disable is too much.

- Did I mention that beam arrays suck?

I agree.

All weapons should have a chance to proc based on shots fired over time, so the slower RoF weapons have increased proc chances.

DEM needs looking at, currently its not much of a bonus compared to the investment.

Leadership trait needs diminishing returns, having all humans on your bridge crew is really OP. Also goes against the diversity Starfleet embraces.

Beam arrays do suck. Either their dmg is too low or there drain is too high (kinda the same thing)

How about this.
Beam Overload:
"Greatly increases damage on ALL beam arrays by X% for their next firing cycle."
30 sec CD (maxed), 15 Sec Shared CD with FAW and subtarget powers.
Lasts 10-15 seconds or until beam has finished a firing cycle.
Remove the weapon power drain that occurs on the current ability. (why doesn't rapid fire drop weapon power after it's used?)

I think this would be the single target broadside power beams lack.