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03-30-2013, 02:01 AM
Originally Posted by viaxa View Post
You act like this new race will bring SWARMS of new people to STO.

It most likley wont, and 75% of romulans will probably be fed alts, and will go into fed fleets anyways.

Most feds are in small to medium fleets with T3-T4 starbases and loads of membership room.

As for the fleet cap, the only fleet that I am aware of with cap issues even with regularly pruning inactives, and restricting alts is Reddit.

The new 'race' expansion wont help us in the slightest as we will still benefit the least from it.
More KDF players helps, even if Fed is helped more. Even if 75% of Romulans go Fed, that means 25% go KDF and if it was a 3:1 ratio that'd be better than anything KDF's had before.

Also, there are many 400+ man fleets that you may not be aware of. An incomplete list: 1st Starfleet Germany, 44th Fleet, Access Denied, Ausmonauts, Battle Group M.A.C.O., Borg Syndicate, Crimson Fubar Inc, Federation Deepspace Operations, Fubar Inc, Guardians of Equestria, House of Kular, House of Tlhap-Jen, Inner Circle, KDF Elite Force 'avwi' batlh tlhingan', KHG-Klingon Honor Guard, Klingon Intelligence, Kodiak Legion, LaFamilia, Orion.Empire., Pride Of The Federation, Proteus, Raider Armada, REDdit ALERT, S.O.B., Section 31, Shadow Force, SSOG, Starfleet M.A.C.O., Starfleet Medical Command, Stonewall Fleet, Task Force Spectre, The House of Duras, UFP
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