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03-30-2013, 02:19 AM
This is a cryptic post. The question is about a level cap increase, the answer is about a rank increase. That is not the same. The rank can be increased, a promotion, without increasing the level cap. The promotion would be the result, game reward, of a misssion, or a series of missions that give a (ingame) promotion, without XP.

The other thing, raising the level cap without raising the rank, is also possible, but doesn't make much sense. We would have level 50 vice admirals and level 55 vice admirals.

I am against both, cap increase and rank increase.

Against a cap increase. Raising the cap would mean more XP for your talents, so in the end you can have 9 points in everything. It will make the character a Mary Sue. More points makes it pointless. Moreover, if they keep raising the level cap, a constant revamp, rebalance of the talent system, skills, ship tiers and gear quality (mk XIII, XiV ...etc) is necessaray. Look at WoW each expansion there is a whole new talent system.

Against a rank increase. Well the whole rank system is flawwed. I see it as a cosmetic, a game thing. I want to play a character that flies a starship and do missions with it. I want to lead a small away team. Both of these task are in my view not things, that an admiral will do on a regular basis.

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