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03-30-2013, 02:23 AM
Another highly effective idea is using 2x directed energy modulation, coupled with the doff that provides weapons drain resistance on DEM usage.
Gain extra shield penetration and reduce weapons power drain at the same time. Mix into the cycle 2xEPTW, nadion inversion and EPS and you should be able to keeps weapon power levels up fairly consistently.

For captain skills do you also have 3 or 6 points spent into 'starship weapon performance'? (don't spend 7-9 points into it, the extra 3 combined gets you 1 extra power for weapons, not worth it)

Another suggestion would be to alter that DBB to a torpedo, that way you can retain turrets and reduce drain.
Or if you want to keep all energy based weapons change DBB to the romulan experimental beam bank, which draws 0 (zero) energy.

Then there's the consoles. get the borg console for +5 weapons power. Zero point energy conduit adds power to sub systems too. Then theres the engy consoles that add power to weapons subsystems too.

KHG engine can help too with power, even more so when the subsystems power is set at low levels (as it's an efficient engine so adds more if levels are set under 75 or whatever)
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