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03-30-2013, 05:08 AM
Thanks for the responses so far! The reason I've just got the one copy of EPtW so far is because I'm pretty new to engineering so I wanted some opinions on what to chain best (eg whether to use EPtX1/2/3 and the benefits of each which someone has kindly answered already).

The ship I'm using is a regular Negh'Var from the Mirror lockbox, and whilst I'm very well specced out on my fed toon with omega gear galore this is a new toon with no reputation whatsoever, so for the time being options like KHG and the Borg console are out.

Definitely keen to try out the DEM (I'd somewhat avoided it since I've not found it all too useful on my tac fed). Going to be cheeky and ask how you'd best mix the engineering abilities up for this boff layout. One thing I've read elsewhere is not to use higher DEM numbers but I'd have to if I were to stick to EPtX1/2 rather than 2/3.

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