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03-30-2013, 05:32 AM
Like it's been previously said, its impossible to move your Cryptic fourm name over to here unless ya lucked out and your name was available post changes. But I know where you're coming from. Had to scrap my old Cryptic forum name (see signature) thanks to the limitations of the PWE boards for something different. Where mine was both captalized and had a _ in it, I couldn't get it back. I've filled tickets about possibly changing it to the Klingon version, minus the underscore, and was told it wasn't possible to change.

I do remember reading, howevere, that there have been talks of allowing us to use character names as possible display names. Whether this would include our @handels or not, I have no clue.

Originally Posted by pan420 View Post
...but i think my pass was changed or i forgot it, can anyone help me?
Not to hijack Schwepfingers's thread and trying not to be rude by answering this, but there have been a few mandetory password changes put into place due to scecurity concerns within the last year or so. My guess this would be what has happened, and you'll probably have to request a password reset to get your account to work.

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