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Ah, finally the long-awaited origin story.
I figured having discussed/justified Marcus' eccentricities and issues in the past, it was time to actually show the causes of them...

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Dang, you weren't kidding when you said "not for the faint of heart." The anguish Marcus is feeling at the end there is so palpable, it practically reached from my computer screen and punched me in the gut.

I know it had to hurt to write that. It hurts just to read it. But let me say it was absolutely worth it.
It was... emotional... but I'm glad that it was worth it if it explained things better and gave a better insight into Marcus' demons

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Here's another one.

Be warned: This one is quite long (30 pages in MS Word! ) so don't start reading it unless you have nothing to do for the next hour.

For LC14: Facility 4028 I went for a mission adaptation story with a unique twist.

When I started playing the game last year I leveled up my characters Jesu and Ssharki simultaneously, and synced their progress through the storyline missions. In my back story they were close friends before the war, and I'd always imagined them cooperating on the cross-faction Featured Episode missions, particularly the 2800 FE chain.

So this story is that scenario played out. You also get a much more in-depth look at Jesu LaRoca's mental state (self-deluded much?) and my own (sick) sense of humor.

PS: Bonus points if you figure out where all those names in the address box came from.
That was a fantastic piece, thankyou for taking the time to put it together and share
Absolutely awesome use of characters and situations I have the suspicion that Miss Zain is what they refer to as 'a hotty'... I also have a suspicion that Marcus, Jesu and Ssharki would have had some interesting times at the annual Exotic Weapons Convention ^_^ Equally, I dread to think what Singh would have done if he ever got his hands on S'rR's' genetic profile, but I suspect that he won't be continuing his work...

[Edit to add]
I forgot to say, awesome CC list Did the branding of Marcus' watch filter through?

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