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03-30-2013, 08:46 AM
I never noticed any specific bug or problem with the Negh'var's power consumption. Really you shouldn't be having much in the way of power problems anyway, not carrying dual heavy cannons and turrets. Very unusual. You do know that your weapons will always have much higher drain when you first open fire than they will after a few seconds of sustained firing because their firing cycles desynchronize? That goes for any ship not using beams.

For a cruiser, make sure to max out your Warp Core Potential skill. This gives you more power to every system. Weapon System Performance is also a no-brainer.

The single greatest piece of equipment any KDF ship can have, for power management, is the Plasmonic Leech. It comes from a Z-store ship. One of the cheaper ones fortunately. Max out your level in the very cheap skill Flow Capacitors, and your ship will enjoy +10 power to all systems during combat.

The 2-piece adapted borg set (typically the assimilated console plus the cutting beam) gives an ongoing very high chance to buff your weapon power. (The cutting beam is also a very powerful weapon in its own right)

Even without that, any non-beams ship should do just fine with EPTW1. Higher ranks are just a waste of potential.

If your power levels STILL aren't what you want them to be after all of that, consider replacing one of your cannons with a photon torpedo launcher and adding some projectile officers to your Doff lineup. Under practical conditions a photon launcher with ProjOffs can put out a very respectable amount of damage due to the increased rate of fire and fact that torpedo damage is not reduced by range at all while cannons drop off in damage quickly.