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# 16 Raise The Level Cap!!!!
03-30-2013, 10:26 AM
RAISE THE LEVEL CAP!!!!! Im tired of Vice admiral and Lt. General. Full admiral and General and allow us to pull ships out of mothballs to fly escort duty and a ship based DOff system (including assigned captain BOffs) to allow this game to full development. Just because a few people say "oh whine there are too many admirals not enough complaining Lt Commanders" doesnt mean the end game should be closed and nerfed to appease these IDIOTS. A game is about advancement, if you want to stagnate at ensign feel free, let the rest of us ascend to Admiral or event Fleet admiral (instead of 1 or 2 escort duty we could have 2 or 4 at that rank MUAHAHAHAHAH) RAISE it and let people who want no advancement not advance of their own accord!

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