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If Romulans are allowed to Join the KDF and have access to Romulan ships and KDF ships and gear - what possible reason would any new player roll a Klingon toon?

I mean you can roll a Rommie and come into a KDF fleet and have access to all KDF ships and equipment and you get all the Romulan shinnies to?

All the old KDF players are stuck with just the KDF gear as I see it now.

So unless I am wrong - other than Klingon fandom - what possible reason is there to start/keep a Klingon toon when you can - or a new player can get access to all your stuff+their new stuff?

So those fleets that built up bases - you get to build ships and gear for the Romulans - that you wont have access to as a Klingon!!

I hope I am wrong - but if this is true - the Klingon race is going to almost disappear in STO.
don't you think you're over-dramatizing, not to mention jumping the gun, a little too much?

my advice: wait and see how things play out in may (or on tribble, but keep in mind it's a TEST server, meaning anything going up there is a WIP), THEN come back and revisit this subject
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*reassuringly strokes your hair*
Hush now, you will be back kicking Neelix and killing those nasty Vaadwaur soon enough... hush child.
*pat pat on your head*
epic smirk is epic

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