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03-30-2013, 11:50 AM
lol I always find these type of threads amusing.

Originally Posted by nynik View Post
Klingon Fandom has always been the only reason to roll a Klingon. Nothing changes.
I can see that someone else pretty much answered it. Thanks nynik!

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And you fail to the see the point.

By joining the KDF Romulans have access to BOTH their Shipyards and also to the KDF shipyards.

The point is why would you roll a Klingon if the only thing you are cutoff from are the KDF races, you get EVERYTHING the KDF have as a Romulan, even their missions (The Gates of Gre'thor, now with 100% more awkward) so whats is really the point?

The only thing you lose is Uniforms MAYBE (I am sure you get HG unlock and so you get to dress you Rommy with a HG set) and race choices for captain, thats it ... everything else you have, ships, DOFFs, weapons ... everything.
Luckily enough, not everyone perceives things as one-dimensional. If my Romulan char. gives me access to the fleet Excelsior, do you really think I'll put her in a Fed. ship rather than her own D'Deridex?!?
My Klingons fly Klingon ships.
My Orions fly Syndicate flight-deck cruisers.
My Feds. fly saucery ships with red bussard collectors & blue nacelles.
The only exception would be the Kumari, but since I'm an ENT fan you can't hold that against me. And it's only for my Andorian and noone else.

So, no, I can't see myself saying "Ah, the Roms. give me access to everything, I'll just throw my other chars to the junkyard." and I know quite a few people who are of the same opinion.

Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
Why roll a Kling?
Uhm.....because I want to?
Looking for a genuine Star Trek experience?

Join the Klingon Empire. Glory awaits!