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03-30-2013, 11:40 AM
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No the more I learn and from more comments from Mr Stahl - the more concerned I am that there will be little reason for anyone new to roll a traditional klingon toon - if Romulan/kdf toons have access to exclusive romulans ships/gear and KDF ships gear.

Why would you have a Klingon toon.

Basically starting lvl 1 means nothing now as you might as well start a Romulan and have exclusive access to 2 levels of ships/equipment for 1 toon.
Well, I'll just stick with Dan's concept of waiting to see it before passing judgement. There's enough people on the forum shouting "fire" before they even see the smoke already.
STO is about my Liberated Borg Federation Captain with his Breen 1st Officer, Jem'Hadar Tactical Officer, Liberated Borg Engineering Officer, Android Ops Officer, Photonic Science Officer, Gorn Science Officer, and Reman Medical Officer jumping into their Jem'Hadar Carrier and flying off to do missions for the new Romulan Empire. But for some players allowing a T5 Connie to be used breaks the canon in the game.