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Thats how I understood it, the Romulan Republic will be nothing more than a Vassal State to the Fed or KDF depending the route they choose so your only really independent for the development of your Romulan Toon then you choose your Master Fed or KDF.
At level 10 you choose an ally. You are not their vassal. You still report to the Romulan Command. All the alliance does is allow the Roms to do missions from another Faction - and allow you to team with that Faction. They can also use that faction's gear. They become allies. Nothing more.

The above approach is absolutely no different then how the KDF were portrayed throughout the various TNG era series: the Klingons were allies of the Federation, and the two groups could team-up to do various things together - and even exchange gear - but they were still very-much their own societies.

Within the game the Republic is already making alliances with both the Feds and KDF. All the alliance system does is allow a player to make that choice for themselves as they advance. The game is never going to evolve past the point where they are now.
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