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03-30-2013, 11:59 AM
A few months back I purchased an item off of Steam that required me to actually download and play the game via Steam. Although many say I didn't have to, I could have simply inputted the key into the regular game I had already downloaded. Nevertheless, before downloading the Steam version I actually removed the original copy from my computer altogether. Thus, perhaps the problem lies with your husband trying to use the key on the regular download when in fact removing and downloading the Steam version itself might solve the issue?! I can say that the original version of the game took forever to download whereas the Steam version was merely under and hour. It may be worth a shot.

Otherwise it could be an operating system error (software). The game works on my laptop but not my desk top. When activated on the latter it shuts down intermittently. Thus, it may be something conflicting with another software on your existing computer. Sorry this isn't more specific or technical but I am not a computer genius and hence, why your getting straight forward solutions that may work. Hope it gets resolved soon.

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