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Originally Posted by deokkent View Post
The kinetic beam is awesome if you know what it can do.

To get the most out of it, you use it with omega tech set (omega amplifier bonus) and borg set. The borg tractor beams + kinetic beam combo does incredible damage to the hull, in fact they had to nerf it altogether in a previous patch (unshielded ships blowing up left and right in PvP).


Assimilated Tractor Beam
Toggle (10 max)
Targets Foe
5 kilometer Range
0.83 sec activate
3 min recharge
to target: 63 Kinetic Damage x25 (8.3 DPS)
Causes 765 Kinetic Damage and crew damage when used on a target that has been recently hit by a [Kinetic Cutting Beam] within the last 4 seconds.
Reduces Turn Rate and Flight Speed for 10 sec
to target: -1 All Power Settings
Disables Cloak
to self: After 3 sec, +1 All Power Settings
Affected by Starship Graviton Generators, Starship Particle Generators and Starship Flow Capacitors
Note: Stats on effects are provided for base Graviton Generators 0, Particle Generators 94 and Flow Capacitors 0 and no bonuses other than those from the Borg set itself.
Apparently they nerfed it too far. I use the tractor beam from the borg set all too often while this weapon is firing while having EPTW activated and the proc going and it's still not that effective. Maybe they broke something in PVE?
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