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03-30-2013, 03:11 PM
Originally Posted by mikenight00 View Post
It seems a compromise has been reached now. You Feds get your cloaking device, but you'll have to roll a Romulan to do it. I see this as a win-win personally. KDF gets to maintain their unique difference from the Feds, and I don't have to watch the ridiculousness of a Odyssey cloaking and decloaking in a STF.

It looks like the new faction is shaping up to be an underdog faction like the KDF is. I encourage all the Feds in this thread begging for cloaks to play as a Romulan. Maybe once you spend the majority of your time playing a faction that doesn't have much, you'll come to enjoy the unique things it does offer, and will understand the desire to preserve your uniqueness from those that'd rather have everything available to everyone. Having everything available to everyone pretty much negates the entire philosophy behind separate factions to begin with.
Indeed, that's sorta been my response most of the time. Want battlecruisers that dish out damage? Roll KDF. Want frigate pets on carriers? Roll KDF. Want battlecloaks? Roll KDF.

The reverse is true for KDF players, as well. If we want better DPSing and turning escorts, we play a Fed. If we want SCIENCE SHIPS, we play Fed. If we want to fly a cruiser primarily dedicated towards tanking and outgoing healing, we play Fed.

Factional differences exist for a reason, and I'm sick and tired of Federation players advocating that they be watered down because they can't be arsed to fly KDF.