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03-30-2013, 02:56 PM
Pretty much every aspect of STO's graphics needs to be upgraded, especially considering character/avatar appearance. With the exception of the horrendous-looking "Standard 2" base complexion, essentially every male and every female character (with a normal face) looks largely the same. The sliders which are supposed to allow for facial customization don't really succeed in making anybody look any different. I'd like to see greater variety in faces, and a much-needed texture update on the "Type 2" heads and complexions so we could create characters of Eastern Asian and Central Asian ethnicity which actually look acceptable. We also need a much greater variety of hairstyles, and a huge upgrade on the shaders and "edges" of the hair models.

I also agree with the author of the thread, space has a lot of graphical updates it needs badly. Eve Online is a much older game with a much more realistic graphical approach to outer space.

But I think the place that Cryptic's graphics team needs the most improvement, is on plants, terrain, and the natural appearance of world levels. I feel like they need to be taken out to a forest so they can see what real plants look like. The flora of all the worlds I've seen has plants which look strange and fake, giving the worlds the appearance of a movie set from the sixties, rather than the appearance of a natural environment. They often look like they're made of plastic, and they're usually placed in an unnatural way so they don't look like they grew; they look like they were placed there as if they were props.

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