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03-30-2013, 04:25 PM
Even if control resistances are working as intended, the way that they appear to be "intended" in season 7 is evidently different from the way that they were "intended" in the past, despite the lack of any patchnotes indicating a change. And the "intent" appears to be that they should not work at all.

Furthermore, there is no mention of a fix for the nonfunctional MACO or KHG 3set (by the way, the MACO set never exposed the wearer because the MACO 3set bonus doesn't actually exist: the MACO "fix" is sort of like "repainting" a house that has no walls).

Finally, the change to Battle Strategies with respect to Suppressing Fire, while a good thing in my opinion, is a huge balance change to PvP that will require experimentation and reconfiguration of team dynamics in-house before we can effectively teach team tactics to others.

Also there is a certain problem of finding anybody to actually teach. Most of our experienced members have either quit or limited their gameplay to less than two hours a week, myself included; and the rest of the ground pvp community does not seem to be forthcoming.