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Originally Posted by flash525 View Post
To be honest, as far as a 4th faction goes, they'd be stupid to put the Cardassian and Dominion together... again. We've already been there with DS9. Last I checked, the Cardassians aren't in any position to be their own faction (they'd have been better off aligning them with D'Tan to be perfectly honest).

I'm all for a Dominion faction; provided it is FULLY unique, and follows some Gamma Quadrant themed story. I don't want a mere 'lets invade the Alpha/Beta Quadrant' again. That would just be dull and unoriginal. I think the Dominion have enough races to make them a working faction; the Dosi (mentioned above), the more obvious choices of the Vorta & Jem Hadar. At a stretch you could also include the Son'a and Breen as C-Store additions.

But yeah, let's not talk too much about this until Cryptic have fixed the Romulan faction.

Hah, ain't this the truth.
It would make more sense for the cardassians and romulans to form an alliance and since both are rebuilding their empires/republic/union rather than romulans getting ripped apart choosing fed or kdf and making a mockery of the '3rd faction'