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Originally Posted by flash525 View Post
I completely forgot about the Tholian Rep System. But yeah, you make another perfectly good point.

It's just more Cryptic excuses. We know it, they know it, just, for some reason, they can't seem to admit it.
Admitting something takes alot of character.. ill end that there on that note.

I honestly think it should be the romulan fans choice on how the republic romulan faction goes.. in some reguard. If the majority of the romulan fanbase wants to be able to select the romulans as a single "entity" in terms of having their own starbases and what not, then do it. Making your customers happy in the end goes along way.. and also rewarding for yourself as they are more likely to appreciate what youve done for them and may spend more money on your product.

We all know starbases take alot of effort. Yes the KDF (also myself due to my fleet having a kdf side also) is alot of hard work, but we choose to starting a fleet on that side knowing how hard it will take, knowing it make take us longer then the fed side did. But again thats our choice as I honestly think cryptic needs to allow the romulan faction the same choice also. I do hope they add the ability for eather kdf/fed aligned romulan characters at some point in the future to go back "in a sense" as dan stahl stated that they are just allieing themselves for gear and what not, and are nuetral with the romulan faction, that they have the option to make their own starbases and continue on a more "Romulan" path.
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