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Originally Posted by wazzagiow View Post
It's a great idea. I think in the mission mine enemy one of the intel terms says the sela had a secret meeting with the true way. Would have been awesome if that was the beginning of negotiations to form an alliance. It actually would have made greeting romulans and cardassians in the game as well as in independent 3rd faction. None of this rubbish splitting concept. But I understand exactly why romulans and cardassians wanted their own faction and still do!
They could have worked this one of two ways;

1) Have a 3rd faction centered around a Militaristic True Way/Obsidian Order & Tal Shiar Alliance ~ more a military approach; stirring up trouble with both the Federation & Klingon forces.

2) Have a 3rd faction centered around a civilian-based group; D'Tan and his Romulans allied with Lang and her Cardassians ~ both groups looking to rebuild their once proud empires. Again, they'd not need the use of a fleet system as such, and it would have been a great way to implement both the Cardassians and Romulans without the need to involve them in a Federation/Klingon War.