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03-30-2013, 05:13 PM
From a story point of view, looking at it politically, here you have this new Romulan Republic with a race of people trying to basically re-build their power. Now, from the view of the KDF & Starfleet, you have an old enemy who they know could prove useful or perhaps they could heal old wounds by aiding them at their time of need. Essentially each of those factions has something to gain by aiding the Romulan Republic.

However, these are Romulans remember. So as far as trust goes, at this stage the Romulan "Republic" could turn out to be the new name for a future Empire. How many countries in the real world use the propaganda term "Republic" & are actually some of the most brutal dictator states known. I think the jury is still out on this "republic" not turning out to be another "empire".

With that said, the Romulans have alot to gain by working with either the Federation or Klingons. I believe that the story allows for the Romulan Republic to aid either faction, possibly with the idea that if the Federation is fighting the Klingons, then they won't be too focused on what the Romulan Republic is getting up to when it's in a weak state.

I think the Romulans are essentially buying for time - that's the focus of the story.

-In reality, the devs are probably buying for time, testing the water with this new faction. Hopefully they can flesh out the Romulan Republic in the coming months after release and one day they will stand on their own.

I, like most people, did want a 100% stand alone 3rd faction added. I was disappointed when I read the way it will be released, but I felt alot better about the whole thing looking at it from the point of view that the romulans are "playing" both the Feds & KDF while they rebuild. So it suits the Romulan agenda to play nice for awhile. Think of it as the sword of Damocles, biding its time...