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Originally Posted by neo1nx View Post
No, no, no and no, you stop right there!
The federation should not have cloack, not because it would make them overpowered, but because in the serie, the federation don't use cloack.
The only exeption is the defiant ( cloack that is given by romulan ) and the galaxy dread from the alternate timeline.
I don't like to said this usualy but here, if you really want a cloak that bad, go to klingons side, or find a ship where you can optimize mask energy signature3, at more than 4km it is exactly like a cloack.
cbs will never allow this anyway, so stop waisting your time.

have you forgotten? romulus is GONE poof bang dead... the klinks are not at the peace table and the rommies are moot, this new faction represent a small fraction of a former empire that is not enough of a threat to dictate policy any more. ALL GOOD THINGS: watch it and learn "Stealth" is a cloaking device and the "war" of that "alternate timeline" is the "reality" in which we play. SOOOO to be CANNON we should in fact have starfleet issued "stealth" consoles on every fed ship period (game set match, good day to you sir)

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