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Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
Now that the Federation and the Romulans are going to be allies in the war against the Klingon empire, it's high time that Starfleet utilize their Romulan friends to accentuate each others' strengths.

Of course I mean ... it's time for the Romulans to start equipping their federation allies fleet with ...


Have at it canoneers! I want your thoughts on the potential for gain here for both the Romulan Republic and the Federation in their war efforts. Romulan Cloaks on Fed ships! We know it can happen. Kirk stole one. Pressman installed one. And the Romulans made one work on the Defiant. Been there, done that. Testing stages over. Time to mass produce this capability. And make PVP more interesting!
I haven't read the whole thread just yet. But my initial response, IMO, would be yes. To something which better incorporates into the game story the cloaking devices already available to the numerous Defiant-class and Dreadnaught-class vessels of Starfleet. The Path to 2409 clearly doesn't support their inclusion. So the Galaxy-X may well be the product of events specific to the 2409 story missions.

Though I'm not prepared to say the flood gate should be open to even more, newer Starfleet classes with cloaking devices just yet.

Maybe once the Romulan backstory is better established, consider expanding upon the early Pegasus research into that phase-cloak that some of us are curious about. Let it be part of the story progression with a future Season update.
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