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03-30-2013, 06:47 PM
Originally Posted by wirtdd View Post
Starfleet "characters" are from the Federation (and citizenship doesn't matter, they represent the Starfleet, therefore the Federation) as much as the US Navy members are americans. I dont understand ur confusion.
Different kinds of gameplay.

If I was playing as Federation, I'd be in an unarmed cargo freighter, my missions would consist of transporting cargo around the galaxy and calling for help from Starfleet when I get attacked!

Do we play like that?

No, because we're playing from the Starfleet perspective.

In the TV show, even the Klingons say Starfleeter, not Federatator.

So does every other military power I think.

Which means that Starfleet is indeed regarded as a seperate entity, not part of the Federation at all.
Starfleet even appears to operate independently of the Federation Council at times, which would imply their control over their military arm is limited.

I guess Cryptic never really worked that out.
Hence why they just called us Federation without really thinking about it.