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*Markon and Wax are taken to a cell.*

Markon: You fought well.

*A guard comes, escorting Councillor To'ran. The guard opens the cell door and To'ran steps forward.*

To'ran: Come.

Markon: Who are you?

To'ran: Councillor To'ran of the House of Doran. The Emperor desires your presence.

*Markon looks to Wax and nods.*

Markon: Very well.

*To'ran leads Markon before the Emperor.*
*The Emperor sits on his throne, he may be aging but they often mistake it... Which is the last one they ever make. When the civil war began he found himself disagreeing with his student over how the Klingons should move forward. A pure democratic system would destroy who Klingons are down in their soul.*

*Markon and To'ran enter...*

Emperor: Markon.. It has been too long my friend. I thought you were dead when all this upheaval started... But I see you are a hard one to kill just like old times...

*Waves off the guards and To'ran...*

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