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# 34 Carpenter Joins the Crew
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Based on LC 21, Saying Hello
May 2410

I made a fool of myself during my first crew transfer. I was fresh out of the Academy and joining the crew of the Nightingale. My nerves were high, but I was almost giddy with delight to finally leave Earth and do something productive.

I re-materialized onboard Nightingale and looked around. The two other officers next to me quickly left the transporter room. I looked around for whoever it was that was supposed to greet me...and only saw the transporter officer. His voice was disgruntled. "Please step away from the pad now ma'am. I have another group coming in thirty seconds." Then the Tellarite looked down at the controls and ignored me.

This time would be different. Four years and two ships later, I was ready to get to work onboard Odyssey. The rumors here on Starbase 24 said that Odyssey was not the most desirable posting, but I didn't care. Rumors from the lower decks are always negative, even onboard Enterprise or Aventine.

I beamed over with three Ensigns - a Bolian and two humans, all male. One of the humans had an enormous duffel bag over his shoulder. Apparently he didn?t coordinate with the quartermaster before coming over.

No one greeted us as we re-materialized onboard Odyssey. The testosterone cloud slowly migrated out of the transporter room and turned left. A tall Hispanic man skirted around them and went to my right. I decided to follow that man instead. He was asking the computer questions, but I didn't bother to listen in. He'd eventually lead me to a turbolift away from the newbies.

He turned a corner. I decided to pause for a moment to make it a little less obvious that I was following him. Then I resumed walking...and ran into him. He was hunched over the entrance to a Jeffries tube. I didn't hit him very hard, but it was enough to make me lose my balance and fall over.

As usual, my words came out as a jumbled mess under pressure. "I...I'm really...I'm sorry...are you ok?"

He took my hand and pulled me up. "I should be the one asking if you are alright, Lieutenant. I should have been more careful." His stare deepened. "Didn't I just see you leaving the transporter room with a bunch of ensigns?"

"Yes sir. I have been onboard for two minutes and I've already made a fool of myself."

He smiled. I could tell that it was an honest smile. "That's nonsense. Welcome onboard. My name is Miguel Jarvis, and I'm the chief engineer."

I really wanted to maintain eye contact, but I just couldn't. "I am Lieutenant Amanda Carpenter. Nice to meet you, sir."

"Likewise Lieutenant. You are probably wondering why I am about to crawl through the tubes. I am about to go sneak up on my deputy. He thinks that I am onboard Starbase 24 visiting my old roommate. Unfortunately Sam has a nasty virus, so I am stuck here. The only fun I can have today is surprising him in the tubes. Anyway, if you ever need anything, let me know."

"Thank you. Can you tell me where the nearest turbolift is?" I managed to keep eye contact for the entire sentence.

Jarvis picked up the access cover and put it back in place. "I can do better than that. It's almost lunchtime anyway. Can I give you a brief tour followed by lunch in our outstanding cafeteria?"

"I would be honored, sir. Thank you."

He gave another one of those beautiful smiles. "It's my pleasure. And you can stop calling me 'sir.' Most of my friends call me by my last name. Since you don't report to me, we can be informal."

This turned out to be the best transfer of my life.

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