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03-30-2013, 09:26 PM
Originally Posted by kirisee View Post
Actually it might be your bank that is causing the delay. Mine has what they call "account Guard", which monitors all my ATM/Debit/Credit transactions, if anything trips the programs filters it stops all transactions and then they notify me by email and phone.

And PWE/Moneybookers has some problems with that kind of system. I had to tell my bank to take PWE off the monitoring list, no problems since. Just an FYI for you.
Its the same with World of ********'s Store. I tried purchasing game time when I used to play and it just wouldnt work. I got woke up really ******** early the next morning by Barclays Fraud Squad I was like what the hell, you lot know what bloody time it is lol

Ok, why the hell have you blocked out a game name..... Seriously.